CS355: Topics in Cryptography - Co-Instructor

In Spring 2018, David Wu, Sam Kim, and are teaching Stanford's advanced lecture course on cryptography. Our version of the course will cover cryptographic protocols, lattice-based cryptography, and recent real-world applications of modern cryptography.


CS359C: Classics of Cryptography - Co-Instructor

In 2017, David Wu and I designed and taught a seminar course on topics in cryptography. The goal of the course was to expose students to some of our favorite "classic" topics in cryptography and to give them a taste of research through a quarter-long independent project.

Selected comments from the anonymous course reviews:

I'm really impressed with how much work Henry and David put into lectures. They prepared and explained the material really well, and I really appreciated that they were always open to questions and feedback. They are also super energetic lecturers and it's really evident how excited they are about the research themselves, and how excited they are for you to learn the material.
Amazing class - really thorough instruction, great in-depth look at the history and current state of crypto.


CS255: Introduction to Cryptography - Course Assistant

In 2016, I served as one of five teaching assistants for Stanford's 118-person introductory cryptography course. In that role, I gave two guest lectures in the course and designed a new programming project designed to expose students to the intricacies of the TLS protocol.

Selected comments from the anonymous course reviews:

Henry was incredibly helpful both in person and with his responses on Piazza. I wouldn't have learned the material taught in this course nearly as well without his assistance.
You show a lot of enthusiasm for crypto, it's infectious.
Henry was great. Amazingly well taught sections.
TA displayed exceptional knowledge of the subject matter and ability to teach the subject matter. Moreover, this TA displayed leadership and ownership of the course, both in terms of dealing with assignments and questions, providing extra material and explanations on the online class forum, and displaying a significant commitment to the subject matter. An exemplary instructor and role model for students in the cryptography field.
Learned a lot during Henry's lectures and whenever he commented on Piazza. An excellent educator.
Henry gave very clear, thoughtful and reasoned explanations for ideas explained in class (especially number theory stuff), and was extremely helpful with providing homework hints and advice. A huge thanks for the amount of time and effort he invested in helping us all learn!