True2F: Backdoor-Resistant Authentication Tokens
Emma Dauterman, Henry Corrigan-Gibbs, David Mazières, Dan Boneh, and Dominic Rizzo
Oakland 2019 (to appear)
The Discrete-Logarithm Problem with Preprocessing
Best Young Researcher Paper Award
Henry Corrigan-Gibbs and Dmitry Kogan
Atom: Horizontally Scaling Strong Anonymity
Albert Kwon, Henry Corrigan-Gibbs, Srinivas Devadas, and Bryan Ford
SOSP 2017
Trust but Verify: Auditing Secure Internet of Things Devices
Judson Wilson, Riad S. Wahby, Henry Corrigan-Gibbs, Dan Boneh, Philip Levis, and Keith Winstein
MobiSys 2017
Prio: Private, Robust, and Scalable Computation of Aggregate Statistics
Shipping in the Beta release of the Firefox browser
Henry Corrigan-Gibbs and Dan Boneh
NSDI 2017
Balloon Hashing: A Memory-Hard Function Providing Provable Protection Against Sequential Attacks
Dan Boneh, Henry Corrigan-Gibbs, and Stuart Schechter
Riposte: An Anonymous Messaging System Handling Millions of Users
Caspar Bowden Award for Outstanding Research in Privacy Enhancing Technologies
IEEE S&P Distinguished Paper Award
Henry Corrigan-Gibbs, Dan Boneh, and David Mazières
Oakland 2015
Bivariate Polynomials Modulo Composites and their Applications
Dan Boneh and Henry Corrigan-Gibbs
FlashPatch: Spreading Software Updates over Flash Drives in Under-connected Regions
Henry Corrigan-Gibbs and Jay Chen
DEV 2014
Ensuring High-Quality Randomness in Cryptographic Key Generation
Henry Corrigan-Gibbs, Wendy Mu, Dan Boneh, and Bryan Ford
CCS 2013
Proactively Accountable Anonymous Messaging in Verdict
Henry Corrigan-Gibbs, David Isaac Wolinsky, and Bryan Ford
USENIX Security Symposium 2013
Dissent in Numbers: Making Strong Anonymity Scale
David Wolinsky, Henry Corrigan-Gibbs, Bryan Ford, and Aaron Johnson
OSDI 2012
Dissent: Accountable Anonymous Group Messaging
Henry Corrigan-Gibbs and Bryan Ford
CCS 2010


Deterring Cheating in Online Environments
Presented at CHI 2016
Henry Corrigan-Gibbs, Nakull Gupta, Curtis Northcutt, Edward Cutrell, and William Thies
ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction (TOCHI)
Security Analysis of Accountable Anonymity in Dissent
Ewa Syta, Henry Corrigan-Gibbs, Shu-Chun Weng, David Wolinsky, Bryan Ford, and Aaron Johnson
ACM Transactions on Information and System Security (TISSEC)


Quantum Operating Systems
Henry Corrigan-Gibbs, David J. Wu, and Dan Boneh
HotOS 2017
Stickler: Defending Against Malicious CDNs in an Unmodified Browser
Invited to appear in IEEE Security and Privacy Magazine
Amit Levy, Henry Corrigan-Gibbs, and Dan Boneh
W2SP 2015
Recommendations for Randomness in the Operating System: How to Keep Evil Children Out of Your Pool and Other Random Facts
Henry Corrigan-Gibbs and Suman Jana
HotOS 2015
Measuring and Maximizing the Effectiveness of Honor Codes in Online Courses — Work-in-progress paper
Henry Corrigan-Gibbs, Nakull Gupta, Curtis Northcutt, Edward Cutrell, and William Thies
[email protected] 2015
Conscript Your Friends into Larger Anonymity Sets with JavaScript — Short paper
Henry Corrigan-Gibbs and Bryan Ford
WPES 2013
Welcome to the World of Human Rights: Please Make Yourself Uncomfortable
Henry Corrigan-Gibbs and Bryan Ford
CREDS 2013
Scavenging for Anonymity with BlogDrop — Abstract
Henry Corrigan-Gibbs and Bryan Ford
Provable Privacy Workshop 2012
Scalable Anonymous Group Communication in the Anytrust Model
David Wolinsky, Henry Corrigan-Gibbs, Bryan Ford, and Aaron Johnson
EuroSec 2012