Splash image photo credit: dvortygirl

GE Argentina

Intern, Logistics and Commercial Development

In the summer of 2007, I interned at General Electric's corporate offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Over the summer, I worked on two projects: one in logistics and one in commercial development.

For the first project, I conducted a survey of the import and export processes in use at each of the eight GE-owned businesses in the province of Buenos Aires. The goal of the survey was to ensure that every GE business was complying with GE's anti-corruption policies while procuring of customs brokerage services and while interacting with customs officials in Argentina. Running the survey required me to conduct in-person interviews in Spanish with the logistics personnel at each GE business and to become familiar with the nuances of international trade operations in Argentina.

For my second project, I compiled a report of products and services that GE could provide to the government of the city of Buenos Aires. The head of GE Argentina later presented this report to the newly elected mayor of Buenos Aires. While writing the report, I worked with the sales teams from GE's infrastructure, transportation, health care, and financial businesses.